Busy days

Woke up in the morning and peeled myself out of bed. Next thing I know I am sitting beside the bath filled with bubbles and two little girls. The older of the two has extremely long hair which is wet and she plasters it diagonally across her chest like a half Mexican ammo belt and calls herself ‘Tarzan Girl’. Grubby from climbing trees in their Granny’s garden and chasing errant guinea pigs that escaped and made a bee line for the garden pond. I managed to save them, but only after skidding onto my backside and stinging my elbow on kettles in a bid to save the precious furballs from a watery grave. The thought of fishing drowned guinea pigs from our reed bed of a pond isn’t worth contemplating. After the drama we had chicken goujons and stir fry and the rest also had pasta with pesto. Otherwise the day has consisted of cleaning hoovering and tidying up the lower floor of the house. Upstairs is still a nightmare to be tackled another day. Still have a tonne of things to do on the computer and labels to sew on clothes so better get hair washed and nails cut and ears cleaned so I can get on with it…..

Nailing my thoughts to the web

Brief intro, am 38 female married four children aged 10,9,7&3 boy girl boy girl. I am a critical care nurse hubbie is A&E nurse. Live and work in north east England. Am an army brat and did eight years in Royal Military Police TA. Moved every two to three years during childhood and lived in West Germany in my infancy and teens. Other places I have lived are Edinburgh, Polton, catterick, Chichester, High Hauxley, Osnabruck, munster, detmold, Hartwood and Gateshead and Northumberland. I count myself as extremely fortunate and tend to relish life. Now I am going to sort the house for the night before hitting some zeds x.